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Capture the essence of your parenting journey by journaling

A personalized tool to easily track you and your children's progress and gain valuable insights

Transform moments of conflict into opportunities for growth

Learn the do's and don'ts of common parenting challenges

Gain valuable insights on what to say and what not to say

Add to your journal whenever you feel awesome, when you're feeling challenged or by the end of each day

Daily reflections are key to more purposeful parenting and strengthening bonds

The Question of the Day series is designed to help you look at yourself and your children in a different light

What Other Parents Say 

This app was so fun to try out and use with my kids and it provided great conversation starters as well as the option to share them. Sometimes we all need a little guidance and help.


This is a great parenting app! It offers support in a fresh and inviting way. And it's fun!


Offers great support for parents and partners, and has hilarious memes to brighten your mood. 


Your AI-Powered Guide to Everyday Parenting Challenges 

Whether it's tackling bedtime fears or making toothbrushing a breeze, ask any parenting question and let the intelligent assistant provide practical and personalized advice. 

Explore endless family adventures and enjoy daily laughter and joy 

Always have something to do with the extensive list of indoor and outdoor activities. Bookmark your favorites and add your own

Swipe away the stress and discover a curated collection of hilarious tweets, GIFs, and memes designed to tickle your funny bone. New every week

Parenting Wisdom at Your Fingertips 

Add the Home widget to your phone and receive reminders, affirmations and quotes several
a times a day

Gain insights into your children and co-parent with simple, yet thoughtful questions

Ignite meaningful conversations, foster empathy, and get to know each other even better

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Parent Smarter, Not Harder

Easy-to-use tools
to resolve issues and strengthen the bond with your children and co-parent